Popcore Exhibtion


Popcore is a programme of awe-inspiring events - founded by a diverse group of young talents - that aims to create a more elaborate view on the young designers notion. With a background in design, this assembly of creative minds uses the medium to create a contemporary work attitude that radiates more fluidity, playfulness and freedom.






Onno Adriaanse

Job van den Berg

Elvis Wesley

Fabian Briels

Anton Hendrik Denys

Tijs Gilde

Andrew Grincell

Gianni Jorissen

Dewi Kruijk

Robin Maas

Bastiaan de Nennie

Hans van Sinderen

Benedikt Stonawski

Emma Wessel




Warp is a sitting object that thanks its name to its crooked shape. Warp is milled entirely out of one sheet of plywood, the sheet is used as efficiently as possible. Therefore I created a repetitive pattern that runs of the sheets, creating the crooked ends of the object.


Warp was part of the Popcore exhibition during Dutch Design Week 2016 in Eindhoven.